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first little daffodil 2-6-2015It looked to be another gray winter day as I awoke this morning. The sky was overcast and although warm sunny weather is expected this weekend it doesn’t seem to have arrived yet. As I moved about starting my day I caught a glimpse through the window of a little daffodil struggling vainly to lift its face to the almost non-existent sun. As I gasped, ‘our first bloom!’ I ran for my camera.

It reminded me of some things.

I realized that no matter what it LOOKS like we must still recognize what’s coming.

There are always those who brave the uncertainty of being the first one, the pioneers, the trailblazers – sometimes they’re called leaders, other times they’re mocked as fools. It takes courage and determination to step out in faith, it also requires perseverance. Jesus came as the Word Incarnate; people who knew the Law inside and out did not recognize Him, or if they did, refused to call Him Lord out loud. How true is that for us today?
How many of us church people would recognize Him in the flesh? Sadly, I don’t think there’s too many of us who would. Jeremiah, who for decades warned the people of their idolatry (all to no avail, I might add) said, “You [God] have planted them, they have taken root; they grow yes, they bear fruit. You are near in their mouth but far from their mind.” How many of us render lip service in public but ignore Him in the dark? How many of won’t step out in faith; instead making excuses and waiting for someone else to do it?

The only way transformation takes place is through the renewing of our mind, if our mind is not on Jesus we can’t be transformed.

If we can’t be transformed we will never be ready for our Bridegroom and we’ll miss Him when He comes!
See, I like to think the daffodil stepped out in faith, she recognized where her strength came from and couldn’t wait to open herself to Jesus! Even if the others were whispering, ‘no, don’t do it, there’s no sun today’, she knew the sun was going to show up.

She was ready to meet Him.

Do you have the courage to be the first one?

Are you ready to meet the Bridegroom or have you let your lamp go out?

Psalm 111 says the beginning of wisdom is the fear of The Lord…what is your fear factor?

What is your mind on? Are you willing to be first when no one else is ready?

While we may seem an oddity at first

it won’t be long…

Till another one joins in!