Welcome to GlenHaven Farm! We are a farm based ministry located in northeast TX. Answering the call to get back to the basics of a simpler life and a healthier lifestyle we raise meat, eggs, and fresh Jersey milk in fresh air and sunshine without all the nasty additives found in supermarket food. We work with local youth to teach them the value of hard work, responsibility, money management and whatever else the Lord flows through us.

All of our animals live on or have easy access to pasture where they enjoy life the way they were created. Our pigs root and wallow in the woods. Our small herd of cows delight us with fresh milk as chickens roam to their hearts content. But, the Nigerian Dwarf goats! They delight us with their antics, have the cutest babies ever and look quite regal as they watch the cars go by from their favorite spot atop the dam.

Click on the shop page to find the bushels of goodies we have for sale and remember, your purchases help support our ministry to local youth. You really can taste the difference!