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farm view from pondSince we’ve moved to the farm I’ve had to adjust to quite a few things, not the least of which is my quiet time with God. My regular routine at the burb-stead involved opening the back door around 6 am to let the dogs out, feeding them while I prepared my tea and then perching at my desk for 2 hours with my Bible open getting in the Word. Not so at the farm! Now, the dogs get fed and walked, the chickens are fed and let out before I can sit down with my tea for quiet time. At first I was a little discombobulated as I attempted to continue old ways in a new place. But things are different now, my priorities and responsibilities have changed; I must readjust.

How often do we find ourselves still doing the old things when times have changed?

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the gigantic list of things to do here because everywhere I look I see something that needs to be done. It’s probably like that in  your life too. I can get carried away focusing on the ‘do’s instead of the ‘be’s.

My relationship with God is not based on what I do but rather what He has done so I can BE with Him (not just in eternity but now as well). This is often hard to remember – it’s about being, not doing. An easy way to remember this – B comes before D – use alphabetical order! When we take the time to BE with Him, the stuff we need to DO seems to get done a little quicker and a little easier. It’s based on the same principle as tithing – give God our first tenth.

My quiet time is crucial to starting my day off right but the season where I could spend 2 hours doing so is over. What’s really important is making sure I keep being with Him throughout the day.

Bailey - Dottie double lead

Be with Him as I walk the dogs or wash the dishes.

5 chicks at feeder

Be with Him as I do laundry or feed the chickens or weed the garden.

He is our constant companion, it’s just we don’t acknowledge Him on a consistent basis.

I’m learning to ask more questions – how do we arrange the fencing? When is the right time to add the animals? How do we get all this stuff done? And what I’ve found is I actually feel closer to Him because there is more interaction throughout the day.

Psalm 86:7 reminds us, In the day of trouble I will call upon you, for You will answer me. The word trouble in Hebrew is ‘tightness’ which makes me think of a tight spot. Hey Lord, I’m in a tight spot, can You help me out? The trouble does not have to be heart rending anguish it can be something as simple as a decision or a query about what to do in a situation. We can see the psalmist was confident God will answer.

Now, look at Isaiah 65:24 (you need to underline this one) It shall come to pass that before they call I will answer, and while they are still speaking I will hear. He already knows the answer before we even ask the question!

That’s God! So, now my question to you is, are you BEING or are you DOING?