Hi y’all!

Welcome to Texas!

And welcome to GlenHaven Farm – full of fresh air and sunshine!

Thanks for stopping by! It’s great to meet ya and I am looking forward to getting to know you better so come along on this journey as we simplify our lives and get back to the basics God intended for us.


RM Lion Logo

Susan started Release Ministries in 2009 with the intent to change the culture through youth and young adult ministry one truth at a time.  Transformation can only be accomplished with generations of people working together in faith for a common goal.  It takes the boldness of the youth combined with the resources and wisdom of the older generations to make it happen. In 2014 we brought the whole kit and caboodle to far northeast Texas . We aim to provide spiritual encouragement, Biblical teaching and practical help for living a life of faith through a farm   based ministry called the Grove located at GlenHaven Farm.



I am a single mom with a tendency to collect people. I’ve one biological, one step (kept him after the divorce) and a slew of spiritual kids. I’m almost like the Old Woman in the Shoe who had so many children she didn’t know what to do except I do know what to do! You pray for them, love on they and try to be there when they need ya. Although now technically an empty nester my house continues to be filled with kids who help out on the farm. 

cucumber patch early May

 I started a backyard garden (see above) in a few containers and a plot,  and now I live on a farm with a medley of animals and a 3000 square foot garden!  I believe gardens are a great place to commune with God, to listen and to learn. My sister has taken over most of the gardening while I manage the motley crew of creatures great and small. 




It was, after all, His original design!  I use it for teaching purposes as well, and frankly, some of my kids have learned a lot from compost bins, weeding and digging! Nothing like a little dirt and sweat to give you some perspective, just ask the prodigal son!

from L to R: Violet, Abelour (Bully) and Sweet Pea

 I spent years as a burb-steader (a wannabe homesteader stuck in the suburbs)  until we moved to the 44 acres called GlenHaven Farm.  I converted my daughter from shopping for cars to shopping for piglets and goats.  The animals: ducks, donkeys, chickens, cows, pigs and goats keep us entertained while the dogs help us maintain order (haha)!

We drink raw milk from our Jersey cow, eggs from our chickens and raise most of our meat.  And now we sell them too! (see Eggcetera our farm store)

We try to cook mostly from scratch with whole organic foods.  It’s a work in process, we’re always learning more and there is always more to learn; it keeps us humble and busy!

Pull up a chair or plop down in the swing and join us as we get back to the basics.

Oh yeah, don’t forget to bring your Bible and pass the sweet tea, will ya?