RM Lion LogoRelease Ministries, officially founded in 2009, is a way of life about truth. The truth based on the Word of God as the plumb line  for life. It is the standard by which we are to live. If you don’t agree with the Bible, you won’t agree with me.  I’ll tell you that now so you don’t have to read any further.


We want to release the truth of God’s word without getting bogged down in religion, denominations or man’s culture.  We just want more Jesus! Jesus is the truth! Discovering truth changes people who then change the culture by sharing Him with others.  When we learn the truth it is almost a physical impossibility not to share it.  In John 14:6, Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life.”

The way truth life



The concept is simple although man’s religion complicates it with  rules and regulations. The complications bog us down causing arguments, dissension and separation. We need to get back to truth and unity.

We change a culture by changing ourselves; this transforms the world we live in, altering others who go on to reform the world they live in. One interlinking circle of life after another. This fresh start is brought about by  a relationship with Jesus Christ and relationships with each other.  It is what we were created for.

Teaching truth is not just about reason, it’s about our heart and receiving the love that comes with the Truth. Then we know the way to walk and how to live.  Our society does a great job of teaching lies. The media paints a way of life which manifests only in emptiness –  like putting lipstick on a pig.

Meeting Jesus is meeting Truth. Truth brings fulfilling life.

Included with this concept is a benchmark of holiness.


Benchmark Holiness 2



It’s understanding what holiness is and what it means to be holy.  A benchmark which sets us apart in looking different than the world.

A call to be holy*  but without the holier than thou attitude. We are only holy because of Jesus. He is the One who allows us access to a perfect holy God.


With that in mind, our primary focus is on youth and young adults. A legacy of Bible Studies, prayer groups and discipleship in Houston prepared the way for the establishment of theGrove at Glenhaven Farm in Avery, TX.

Using a farm based ministry approach for returning to the basics  of discipleship and a simpler way of life our residential young adults (meet our staff here) with spiritual mama Susan Livingston partner with the local church community to reach out through events, mentoring and community participation.

We love the rich history of the Old Testament and diving into Hebrew roots.

Simplify – Steward – Share

An attitude of gratitude.

I hope my picture is getting a little clearer.

Although The Grove is in its infancy we have big plans. I invite you to join in the fun as we search the Truth, share the Truth and do our best to live the Truth.

It’s just about Jesus.

That’s all.

Nuff said.

* Deuteronomy 7:6