driveway farm

A former nurse, my past was checkered with various attempts to find my niche.  It wasn’t until 1997 when I experienced the transforming power of Jesus Christ that I realized I had arrived. A call to ministry and a stint as the departmental director of a multi-pronged ministry in a mega-church prepared me to launch.  The launch didn’t go quite the direction I planned but God knew what He was doing. Years of youth and young adult ministry in my home paved the way to get where I am today.  Read more that here.

My heart is to encourage people, to see God’s Kingdom established on earth and to have fun doing it.  A writer, a teacher and a milker extraordinaire I wear many hats. Just one hat would be boring, don’t ya think? I love my dairy cows and my dogs, driving the tractor and digging in the dirt to watch things grow.

From big city south Texas to tiny town northeast Texas my life is a work in progress.  Each day as I learn something new I realize how much I don’t know!  But, I trust in God and know I can do all things through the One who strengthens us.