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1-21-15 front window viewThe farm is GLORIOUS! We’ve been here for almost a month; the computer is finally set up and internet is connected – it’s time to get back in touch!! My new ‘office’ view looks right out the front window into an inspiring vista of flowers to be, fruit trees and a row of stalwart cedars. One of my newest pleasures is to observe the Tonka toy-like garbage truck which picks up our 3 bag max of trash each week! Quite a difference between the monstrous, automated trucks of the big city ‘burbs! At first glimpse I exclaimed in delight, “Oh my gosh, look at the cute little garbage truck!” I especially enjoy how the collectors examine the odd (non-bagged) items they pull from our can!

I love living here!

Our new life has been an adventure –

we picked the coldest days of the year to move north

Dottie Bailey pot pie

 even the dogs had to cuddle up to stay warm!

me bundled up

Multiple layers of  hoodies and shirts added to my roly-poly figure until I felt like the little kid from A Christmas Story who kept saying, “I can’t move my arms!”

Fortunately, I found a few items to help my fingers and toes stay toasty – check them out: Carhart socks, slippers with outside soles, and hand warmers! 

Although we’ve much to get acclimated to the beautiful sunny days and starry nights are a welcome trade-off!

The days have flown by in a whirlwind of activity with too many boxes to count as pile of empty boxesI paw though newspaper like a squirrel digging for acorns!

We finally organized the excess into rows so I could at least pretend it was a shopping type experience

as I wandered around trying to figure out what to put where.

The picture below shows the carport BEFORE we unloaded the 2nd truck!!

carport with boxes

How did I ever collect so much stuff? Two 16 foot box trucks, a 13 foot trailer and then some (this for only 2 people)! Seriously,  a garage barn sale may be in order because I can promise I am NOT. EVER. MOVING all this crap oops, junk again! Although, there is one nice aspect: getting to repurpose  old stuff – it’s like redecorating for free!  For instance, a beautiful antique dining set sat practically unused in the formal dining room of the old house – now we’re enjoying it everyday in the kitchen.  The old kitchen table became a library / game table in the great room – works wonderfully!

Use what you got in a new way – a primary principle of homesteading practice, right?

Ruwa front viewMy Aussie is in heaven and has adapted to the farm like a, well, a working dog should. She has demonstrated outstanding herding skills on the little dogs and on people – it’s fascinating to watch her instincts take over (because I sure didn’t train her that way!) as she patrols the perimeter and responds obediently to our call.

My gift became an even bigger blessing – you can read her story here.

Bailey - Dottie double lead

Walking tours happen twice a day as I rigged a special rope for the little guys (whose obedience skills are not quite up to par) as they revel in the plethora of smells.

There’s  much to discover, even more to enjoy and my heart is full with the blessing of the LORD!

I can’t wait to share it with you!

And they sang together by course in praising and giving thanks unto the Lord;

because he is good, for his mercy endureth for ever toward Israel.

And all the people shouted with a great shout, when they praised the Lord,

because the foundation of the house of the Lord was laid. ~ Ezra 3:11

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