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There are various ways to freeze peaches but this is how I did it. Simple and easy are the way I roll. The portions are small enough to be versatile without being complicated. We enjoy frozen peaches in smoothies, yogurt or cobbler and an occasional upside down peach cake.

1. Wash  and score the bottoms of each peach: make 2 superficial cuts in an X pattern on the bottom of the peach

2. Drop carefully into a large pot of boiling water  making sure the peaches are covered and boil for about a minute

3. Quickly transfer the peaches to large bowl of ice water for a couple of minutes; again making sure the peaches are covered so they stop cooking. You may have to replace the ice water if you do multiple batches of peaches or else you end up with peach mush.

4. The peelings should slide off easily using your fingertips or a small paring knife, then slice ’em up and toss  in another large bowl.
bowl of peaches2

5. By the time you finish slicing all the peaches there should be quite a bit of juice in the bottom of the bowl.

You’ll want to freeze the peaches in the juice so don’t dump it out.

Some folks add sugar to taste during this step but I don’t.

filling peach jars

6. Ladle the peaches into 2-3 plastic jars and then transfer the contents into the plastic freezer bags.

I find it easier than trying to ladle them with a wide mouth funnel (like this one here) directly into the bags (my skills don’t work like that)

This way you can add a little water to the top to increase the juice and the bags contents will be approximately the same.

      topping jars with water

7. Ensure bags are sealed and labeled properly and then freeze individual bags like so (see pic below).

Don’t lay the bags on top of one another in the freezer until they are already frozen or else they will stick together (which is not good, trust me).

peach bag in freezer

That’s it! Eezy schmeezy !

And one more thing, be sure to invite me over when that cobblers ready! I’ll even bring some ice cream 🙂

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